Yogurt And Constipation Relief

You may have heard that there is a relationship between yogurt and constipation relief. That may be true, but it’s not necessarily true all of the time. So, let’s examine some of the important facts that you need to know about yogurt. Then you can make up your own mind.


The first thing that you need to know is that yogurt is, essentially, fermenting milk. When it comes to foods that relieve constipation, that might be sending you mixed messages. After all, milk has a bad reputation for causing constipation and lactose intolerance. Yogurt doesn’t really have that problem, however.


You see, yogurt contains certain bacteria, called probiotics. Those are live microorganisms, which are actually beneficial to your health. In other words, they’re good sorts of bacteria. Not only that, but even people who are lactose intolerant don’t seem to be negatively influenced by them.

Healthy Components

Many yogurts also contain additional healthy components. Those components are healthy stabilizers, which support your body and help to protect your immune system. Some of those healthy components include starch, pectin and gelatin. Those healthy components make yogurt a great addition to any diet for constipation relief.

Unhealthy Additives

Unfortunately, many yogurts, particularly the name brand yogurts, also contain a lot of additives. Some even contain man-made chemicals, which can be hazardous to your health. So, when trying to add yogurt to a healthy constipation diet, you need to be aware of that. Choose your yogurt source wisely and always read the ingredient labels before you make a purchase.

Healthy Additives

The other side of that is that many companies are now adding more probiotics (healthy bacteria) to their yogurts. Popular companies claim that, in addition to Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus that are found in all yogurts, other probiotics can make yogurt even healthier. Bifidus regularis, which is also known as Bifidobacterium animalis DN-173 010, is one such added probiotic.

It Regulates The Body

The main reason that yogurt works so well as a constipation treatment is that yogurt regulates the body. It can definitely help to relieve mild cases of constipation. It’s also great for your general health. However, that’s assuming that you are taking the right kind of yogurt. It’s fine to eat yogurts that contain natural fruits, but look out for any that contain harsh chemicals. Of course you could also make your own yogurt at home. It’s very easy to do with a relatively inexpensive yogurt maker. The benefits are numerous and include:

  • You make it fresh every day.
  • You can add other constipation improving supplements like magnesium.
  • Mix your own flavour with any combination of fresh fruits.
  • With some yogurt makers you can make several individual cups for “on-the-go”.
  • You know what’s in it!


The relationship between yogurt and constipation is a convenient one. You can get yogurt on any store shelf. You can find it in almost any flavor, including strawberry, peach, blueberry and apricot. However, do remember that a convenient constipation treatment isn’t necessarily a perfect one. If yogurt doesn’t help you to relieve your constipation problems, talk to your doctor about other treatment alternatives.

There are two ebooks that I’d like to point out to you for further information. The first one is the Constipation Help ebook which has 38 natural remedies for constipation along with other information about constipation.

The second book is the Great Taste No Pain ebook. This book is more broad in scope and describes a system for relieving digestive problems in general, including constipation and diverticulitis. The method basically teaches you food combining to improve your health and strength. Includes loads of recipies.

Other Sources

More information, such as this study, can be found at the National Library of Medicine.

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