Is Karo Syrup For Constipation Safe For Infants?

Is Karo syrup for constipation safe for infants? Well, that is a subject that has been under a great deal of debate recently. There are several aspects to consider.


The first factor to consider is age of the child. A true infant may not have built up as much of an immune system as a child that is a few months or a year old. Karo syrup also has to potential, in very rare instances, to trigger a disease that is known as infant botulism. So, you should definitely get the opinion of a qualified pediatrician prior to giving Karo syrup to your child.

Syrup Type

Another thing that you have to keep in mind about Karo syrup as an infant constipation treatment is that there are several different types of corn syrup. Light corn syrups don’t have the same chemical structure as their darker counterparts. So, light syrups aren’t as good for infant constipation.

Additionally, even though dark corn syrups have been used as home remedies for instant constipation for years, the production process has changed. Corn syrups that are prepared using today’s commercial production methods may not contain the same components as they used to.

Wet Stools

You see, the reason that Karo syrup has worked to relieve constipation in the past is that it has a certain chemical structure. That structure helps to send more moisture to the intestines of the child. If today’s commercial Karo syrup is lacking that structure, it’s not a good constipation remedy for infants, toddlers or anyone else anyway.


There are several alternatives for infants and toddlers with constipation. For infants, it’s important to talk to the child’s pediatrician for immediate advice. That’s especially true because some diseases and disorders can cause constipation. It’s best to get those issues diagnosed as early as you possibly can.

For slightly older babies, as well as toddlers, there are alternative food and drink choices that can help. One option, if your child can eat semi-solid foods, is to feed them prune or pear puree. Both prunes and pears are known for relieving constipation. However, do remember that the amount of prune or pear puree should be suited to your child’s size and weight.

Most babies like apple juice. So, another good infant constipation treatment is to add one bottle of apple juice to their daily feedings. It should help to keep their bowels regulated.

Finally, hydration is very important for people, including babies. You can try giving your baby 2 to 4 ounces of water per day, in addition to his or her regular feeding schedule. That can sometimes relieve the constipation all by itself and eliminate the need for Karo syrup for constipation.

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