Foods That Cause Constipation In Adults And Kids

If you’re wondering about foods that cause constipation, you first have to break it down into adults and children. Since kids have different eating habits, they are susceptible to getting constipation in different ways.

So, what foods cause constipation in kids? Well, in very young ones switching from mom’s milk to a cow’s milk will do it almost every time.

Then, in toddlers, you’ll find that certain baby foods or semi-solid foods, such as apple sauce, can really bind up the child’s bowels.

For school-aged kids the hazards get even worse. For example, what kid doesn’t love some sort of junk food? For instance:

  • Pizza
  • Potato Chips
  • Ice Cream
  • Candy
  • Over Processed Snack Cakes And Cookies

Kids can’t seem to resist those tasty tidbits. Yet, each one of them can cause major constipation problems.


Adults aren’t immune to having a “sweet tooth” either, of course. So, we have the same foods to contend with. However, many adults also eat so-called healthy foods that can bind them up.

For instance, almost anything that falls in the “dairy” category is on the list of constipation foods. Cheese is especially good at plugging up your system and so is milk because milk becomes a solid after it enters your body.

Starches are also major contributors to constipation problems in adults. So, processed pasta, breads and potatoes are all to be avoided, or at least limited. Instead, you need to focus your diet on preventing constipation. In other words, you need to eat more whole grains and take in more fiber, which you can get a lot from vegetables and fruits.

A diet for constipation should also keep you clear of red meats. They can create constipation problems or add to existing issues, too. So, try some lean proteins, such as chicken and turkey, instead.

Dehydration And Diuretics

A lot of adults also have a nasty habit of drinking diuretic beverages. In other words, you might be drinking things that actually dehydrate you. Anything that contains alcohol or caffeine fits on that list.

Instead, you should try drinking flavored beverages that are decaffeinated, at least. It would be even better if you simply drink water and keep your body hydrated.

In fact, you’ll hear a lot of these same suggestions when you are trying to lose weight, not just when you’re trying to kick constipation.

The basic idea is that eating healthy foods will keep your body healthy. Constipation is no exception to that rule.

So, now that you know the foods that cause constipation you can hopefully avoid most of them most of the time. Remember that all things are fine in moderation.

So, a piece of bread or a can of soda from time to time won’t hurt. Just don’t overload your body with substances that will plug it up.

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