The Dangers Of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is a popular way to relieve constipation and even lose weight. However, sometimes the popularity of a procedure can make you forget about the possible dangers involved. However, the dangers of colon cleansing are not things that you want to forget about.


First of all, in many cases the colon is self-cleaning. It is designed to naturally absorb the minerals and vitamins that it needs and to naturally purge waste materials. So, it’s not always something that you should interfere with. In fact, cleansing for too long or too often could seriously upset both the chemical and the bacterial balances within your body.

Now, that’s not to say that colon cleansing is always bad. In fact, cleansing your colon can sometimes become necessary, especially since many people eat far too many processed foods that can cause excess waste to accumulate in their intestines. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before going on any sort of colon cleanse.


Another danger of colon cleansing has to do with the method used. For example, if you choose to cleanse your colon with an enema, you could have colon cleansing side effects just from the equipment alone. If it isn’t clean, it could cause harmful bacteria to enter your intestines.

Supplement Regulation

Another danger comes from supplement pills and juices. There are a lot of negative effects of colon cleansing that can come from simply not fully understanding what you are ingesting. Many supplements and so-called “juice mixes” are not regulated by the FDA in the same way that regular foods are. So, you may be taking in harmful substances or the wrong amounts of substances that might otherwise be healthy.


Some people choose to take commercial laxatives to clean out their colon. That can come with its own set of problems, too. For example, many commercial products contain harsh chemicals, which are the last things that your body needs when you are already struggling with some sort of problem, such as obesity or constipation.

Another problem that is associated with commercial laxatives is dependency, but not in the chemical sense. Commercial laxatives don’t tend to be addictive, but stimulant laxatives can cause your intestines to become even less responsive on their own. They will come to constantly rely on the presence of the laxative to move stools along the intestinal tract for you.

Perforations, Bleeding And Dehydration

Finally, there are the especially serious dangers of colon cleansing. They include perforations of the intestinal wall, rectal bleeding and severe dehydration. Of course, that isn’t true of every type of colon cleanse, especially when they are done properly. However, those are some great reasons to consult your doctor before you take any sort of colon cleansing action.

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