What Causes A Constipation Headache?

If you suffer from constipation and severe headaches, what you may not realize is that you could have a constipation headache.
Yes, believe it or not, constipation can cause headaches and there are several reasons that it makes perfect sense, when you think about it.


First of all, one of the causes of constipation can be dehydration, which can also be a cause of headaches. Not only that, but one of the
effects of constipation can also be dehydration. Depending on the situation, your intestines might soak up more moisture when you are
constipated, rather than allowing that moisture to absorb into other parts of the body or soften the stools.


Any sort of stress on your body can create constipation and side effects of constipation, such as bad headaches. So, whether you just lost your
job, have a sick family member or simply have some sort of illness or reason to be upset, it could create problems with headaches and difficulties
passing stools.

Also, of course, being constipated or having a headache will only add to your stress levels. After all, it’s difficult not to be stressed when
you are bloated, suffering from nausea or in any sort of pain. So, the three conditions, stress, headaches and constipation, can all make each
other worse. That can be a horrible cycle to be caught up in.

Toxic Backup

Finally, there’s the toxic backup to consider. You see, one of the constipation side effects that can occur is toxic backup. Basically, the waste
materials that would usually pass through your intestines and out of your body cannot do so when your intestines are blocked. So, that waste material
backs up into your body. That can easily lead to other medical problems, including bad headaches.

Also, having excessive waste and toxins in your body can cause bacteria to multiply in your body. Those can make the entire situation even worse.
So, if all you have in terms of constipation pain is a headache, you’re actually fairly lucky. Nevertheless, it probably doesn’t feel like it, so
it’s important to find a solution.

Pills For Headaches

Now, you could take pills or medications to treat your headaches. You might even choose to use home remedies to treat your headache, such as a hot
cloth on your head. In any case, though, you would only be treating a symptom.

If you really want to cure a constipation headache, you need to treat the constipation, not the headache. Curing the constipation should stop the
headaches from being an issue at all. There are many ways to cure constipation, but it’s best to start by exercising more, eating a healthier diet,
including more fiber in your daily diet and drinking more water. If none of that works, ask your doctor about the next step that you should take.

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