Calcium And Constipation Relief

The relationship between calcium and constipation is an interesting one. First of all, there are two things that you have to understand about calcium. One is that people need it for their health. The other is that not all calcium is the same.

Calcium And Bone Strength

Calcium, as you probably already know, builds bone strength. That’s one of the reasons that it so vital for our health. There’s a bit of a paradox, though.

Calcium And Constipation

You see, in some of its forms, calcium can actually cause constipation. Not only that, but constipation can hinder the absorption of calcium into the body. So, it’s a vicious cycle. One way to avoid that is to pick your calcium source carefully.

Calcium Sources

There are several calcium sources. One is, of course, food. Specifically, milk is high in calcium. However, many people find that milk constipates them. It’s not a calcium constipation cure.

The alternative is to get yourself a calcium supplement, but that could cause you to run into calcium supplement constipation problems. For example, calcium carbonate is no better than milk. It will be likely to bind you up, not relieve constipation symptoms.

A better option would be to take a calcium citrate supplement. It’s sometimes called “Citrical”. Calcium citrate can be absorbed into your body easier than calcium carbonate or many other calcium sources.

You can also take calcium gluconate, which is very close to calcium obtained from milk, but without the constipating effects. Calcium orotate or calcium aspartate are also options that you could try. Gluconate, though, tends to be best for anyone who has
constipation problems or for children who don’t have fully-developed digestive abilities yet. After all, kids do tend to have “weaker” stomachs.

In any case, it doesn’t hurt to give calcium a bit more of a helping hand by doing the follow-ing:

  • Adding A Magnesium Supplement
  • Drinking Plenty Of Water
  • Eating Enough Fiber
  • Eating A Balanced Diet

Calcium is even less likely to cause constipation when it is combined with magnesium, you see. In fact, the two together can work to balance the digestive system. They have been shown to relieve existing constipation symptoms, in many cases. If you help it along by drinking plenty of water and making good food choices, you’ll have a winning combination.

So, the relationship between calcium and constipation is a bit of a complicated one, but it can relieve constipation, under the right circumstances. At the very least, calcium shouldn’t cause a worse constipation problem, as long as you take the right kind and take it in the right amounts. So, there’s no reason not to back up your bone health and balance your digestion with calcium supplements.

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