The Relationship Between Beer And Constipation

If you’re looking at the relationship between beer and constipation, you have to understand that it’s a complex issue. For example, consider the sheer number of beers out there. Each one contains slightly different ingredients. Some basic examples include:

  • Stout
  • Ale
  • Pilsner
  • Lambic

Based on which sort of beer you’re drinking and how much you are drinking, beer could go on a list of foods that cause constipation or a list of foods that relieve constipation. A lot has to do with grain and yeast content of the beer.

Beer And Fiber

You see, grain is a major source of dietary fiber and a major component in beer. Some beers contain about 20% daily fiber per liter. Others, though, can contain 60% or more. That’s a huge difference.

You see, fiber is what helps your body to eliminate waste products. If you have constipation, therefore, a beer or two could help, in some ways. After all, it can increase your fiber content. On the other hand, too much fiber can lead to diarrhea. Yet, too much beer can actually cause constipation.

Grains, Yeast And Alcohol

You see, beer is composed of grains, yeast and alcohol. As mentioned above, grains are full of fiber. That can be beneficial for treating constipation. The combination of yeast and alcohol, though, can have a completely opposite effect.

First of all, alcohol dehydrates the body. When your intestines become dried out, waste is not processed as efficiently. Not only that, but dry waste products can be difficult and painful to pass. So, it’s quite easy for drinking too much alcohol to clog up your system.

As for the yeast, the good bacteria in the colon are responsible for processing invading sub-stances, like yeast. However, the alcohol can impede and even kill off the good bacteria. Meanwhile, if left unchecked, yeast multiplies at a rapid rate.

The result is two-fold. First of all, the yeast can keep your body from properly absorbing what little water is left. That can bind up your system a bit, too. The other side of that is that, when you do go, it can often be a frothy and foamy mess. In other words, it creates a back and forth see saw effect of having constipation and then bouts of diarrhea.

Beer As A Remedy

The information above should be enough to convince you that beer is not helpful as a medicinal remedy for constipation. In fact, the relationship between beer and constipation is a roller coaster ride, at best. Beyond that, however, there’s the obvious.
Beer isn’t healthy at all. If you’re having constipation or any other medical problem, you shouldn’t drink beer. Also, even if you’re otherwise healthy, it’s a good idea to only drink in moderation.

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